Our school local offer is included in our school S.E.N.D Policy and is supplemented by the Locality SEND Hub (nest) local offer.


Contact: Miss Alex Constable
Senior Teacher (Inclusion), including the role of Special Educational Needs & Disability Co-ordinator.


Contact: Mrs Carole Bosher
Inclusion Assistant

Promoting Equality Of Opportunity For All Children

We actively promote equality of opportunity for all children. We believe that at some time in our lives everybody has special needs. For some of us it may be learning how to hold a pencil or pair of scissors correctly. For others it might be interpreting words on a page. Whenever a need is perceived for a child in this school we endeavour to tackle it at the time that it becomes a problem to the child.
We can deal with this in several ways. The first stage is to identify the specific need that the child has, and in consultation with the parents the teacher will produce a Provision Map or Individual Education Plan (IEP). This plan will run for a given time, perhaps half a term and the child will work with a named person (TA – Teaching Assistant or Teacher) on a regular basis, to work at, and practice the area of education which is causing concern. If the child improves and the teacher is no longer concerned then the IEP or Provision Map is not renewed and the child’s progress is monitored and assessed in the classroom. If after this first stage the ‘need’ is still apparent then a revised IEP will be developed and outside help may be requested.