The computers are regularly maintained and updated giving good performance throughout the school. Using wireless and network technologies all the computers have internet access. All the wireless laptops and learnpads can be used anywhere within the school. Our high speed broadband connection has an internet filter policy in place to protect any unwanted intrusions. The children save their work on the internal server, their work follows them up the classes until they leave the school.


Our computers are maintained weekly giving good performance to keep up with today’s technologies and software.



A trolley of laptops is readily available connecting to the internet and intranet via our ‘in-house’ wireless system.



A colour laser printer is available in the Office that all computers have access to.



There are 25 iPads (and growing!) that give great flexibility for teachers and students.



Smartboards Are A Great Resource.
Our Touchscreen smartboards create increased motivation, children love the interaction the technology offers. It ‘comes alive’ capturing the attention of learners. The teachers can use multimedia resources and the internet with a whole class engaging together.
In the last years of primary school our pupils are quite proficient in using computers by themselves, they enjoy getting out a laptop and creating their work, taking photos, surfing the web, copy-pasting, using the office package, printing it out and saving it onto the server.